After more than 18 months, Trump lastly appoints a science consultant

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Late on July 31, US president Donald Trump stated that he would nominate meteorologist Kelvin Droegemeier as the director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP). This office is the highest clinical position in the White Home, and for more than twice as long(paywall)as other president, Trump had gone without appointing one.The clinical neighborhood has had several reasons to believe Trump staunchly ignores much trustworthy science. (See: his position on vaccines, his treatment of the Environmental Security Agency, his very first visit to chair the EPA, the current leader of the EPA, the current of the Department of Education, and so on)But his choice of Droegemeier appears surprisingly aligned with clinical consensus.Throughout his profession as a meteorologist, he has actually appreciated environment science and has promoted for public investment into scientific research study and education. He currently operates at the University of Oklahoma, and is also Oklahoma’s secretary of science and innovation. He’s served on the National Science Board, which heads the National Science Structure, and he has actually recommended both president George W. Bush and Barack Obama about severe weather.” He’s an excellent choice … He has experience speaking science to power, “John Holdren, the head of OSTP under president Barack Obama, told Science Magazine.”He is, in the most favorable method, an unpopular meteorologist who loved dealing with weather condition innovation,”Roger Pielke Jr., a political scientist at the University of Colorado Stone who has worked with Drogemeier in the past, told Nature.” He likewise has a propensity for administration and working his way around the system.”Fellow researchers have actually also revealed their delight in Trump’s choice.I am thrilled and astonished to say that the administration’s pick to head OSTP is an excellent choice IMHO. His PhD is fromthe exact same department as mine, and he’s a long period of time coworker of our @southcentralcsc at OU. Go Kelvin

!!.?.!— Katharine Hayhoe( @KHayhoe) August 1, 2018 This science Czar choice might be Trump’s very first big environment stumble RT @ShimaMohebbi: Kelvin Droegemeier of

@UofOklahoma can truly reshape the current thinking on #climatechange. Congratulations @kdroege. #Boomer!.?.!— Marc Morano(@ClimateDepot) August 1, 2018 Thrilled to see possibility for #Science #leadership from among our own! #KelvinDroegemeier!.?.!— wendy abshire(@w_abshire) August 1, 2018 Droegemeier still has to be verified by the Senate. If confirmed, he’ll have a hard job ahead of him; Trump has actually slashed the number of OSTP staff members from 130 to 50. But having an appointee with a solid performance history is encouraging for the scientific neighborhood.