Islamic Law Enforced in Sydney NO GO Zone– Eric Allen Bell

Islamic Law Enforced in Sydney NOGO Zone

When Devout Muslims leave their hell hole countries and colonize Western Civilization, they do not absorb. Rather, they demand special rights and often strongly remove the rights of Western Infidels.

And when enough Muslims are concentrated in a community, Sharia Law takes over.

In this video, enjoy as police in Sydney order Lauren Southern not to walk through the Muslim community, since that would break the local Islamic Law.

Remember this is Australia. Remember, migration without assimilation is intrusion. And intrusion is how Islam is spread out.

We must find a gentle method to remove Islamic parasites from Western Civilization, prior to they damage what Western Man has actually developed and developed. The future and Islam can not exist side-by-side. For the Civilized world to flourish and grow, Islam needs to die.