Screen Junkies Provides Humorous Sincere Trailer For Avengers: Infinity War


“Because let’s face it, you’re either on this hype train by now, or the Winter Soldier utilizing Rocket Raccoon as a side-arm won’t mean shit to you.”

And that, in a nutshell, summarize the Honest Trailer for director was swiftly gotten rid of from his post late last month when a series of vulgar, insensitive tweets were discovered from the archives. Gunn asked forgiveness (once again), but it wasn’t enough to reverse Disney’s choice, and while Marvel Studios is stated to be negotiating about a possible return– if not for Vol.3, then another MCU task even more down the line– Guardians 3 is still without a director, while the whole cosmic portion of Marvel’s franchise requires a new shepherd.That’s how things stand at the minute, though we totally expect some sort of advancement in the coming weeks. Until then, Avengers: Infinity War is now offered to enjoy on Blu-ray and DVD.Source: