United States ambassador states UK ought to sign up with Trump and put pressure on Iran

The US ambassador to London has stated the UK should join Donald Trump in embracing a hardline mindset towards Iran.Britain and its European allies reacted with discouragement to the United States president’s choice in Might to pull out of the 2015 deal which alleviated sanctions on Tehran in return for an end to Iran’s military nuclear ambitions.The foreign secretary, Jeremy Hunt, accompanied his French and German equivalents recently to voice their” deep remorse “at Washington’s withdrawal from the Joint Comprehensive Strategy (JCPOA) and vow to protect European companies from US reprisals if they continue to trade with Iran.London has explained it is dedicated to the JCPOA, however is open to talking to the United States about ways to deal with shared issues about Iran’s regional activities.On Tuesday, Foreign Workplace minister Alistair Burt stated that the US had “not got this right”and Britain was ready to stand up to Trump, telling the BBC:” Sometimes you have to take a stand versus friends. “But the US ambassador, Woody Johnson, urged the UK to reassess

its position.In an< a href=https://www.telegraph.co.uk/politics/2018/08/11/america-turning-pressure-iran-want-global-britain-stand-us/ data-link-name="in body link"> post in the Sunday Telegraph, he said:”It is time to carry on from the problematic 2015 offer.< figure data-atom-id=ab424570-9288-4800-a176-c8bad596bae0 data-atom-type= timeline >

Timeline Trump’s rhetoric on Iran

‘Nuclear holocaust’

“They are going to be such a rich, such a powerful nation, they’re going to have nuclear weapons,” the Republican politician presidential frontrunner states. “They are going to take over parts of the world that you would not believe and I think it’s going to lead to nuclear holocaust.”

‘Take apart’ the arrangement

Trump says his “primary priority” is to dismantle the nuclear agreement. “This offer is catastrophic for Israel, for America, for the entire of the Middle East,” he says.

‘Separate’ Iran

Trump calls on all nations to “isolate” Iran, in a speech in Riyadh. “From Lebanon to Iraq to Yemen, Iran funds, arms and trains terrorists, militias and other extremist groups that spread out destruction and chaos throughout the region,” he declares.

‘Rogue state’

Trump states the nuclear accord is “a shame to the United States”. He tells the UN general assembly that Iran’s federal government turned a “wealthy country with an abundant history and culture into an economically diminished rogue state”.

‘Brutal, corrupt’ regime

Trump states it is “time for change” in Iran, after days of deadly protests against the federal government in Tehran. A day later he denounces the “brutal and corrupt” regime.

Trump destroy offer

Trump pulls the US out of the nuclear pact. Describing the deal as “malfunctioning at its core,” he states: “Today, we have definitive evidence that this Iranian promise was a lie. Any nation that assists Iran in its quest for nuclear weapons might also be strongly sanctioned by the United States.”


Iran’s president, Hassan Rouhani, informs the United States it need to not “have fun with the lion’s tail” and cautions that any conflict with Iran would be the “mother of all wars”. Trump responds with an all-caps Twitter tirade: “NEVER, EVER THREATEN THE UNITED STATES AGAIN OR YOU WILL SUFFER REPERCUSSIONS THE SIMILARITIES WHICH FEW THROUGHOUT HISTORY HAVE EVER SUFFERED PRIOR TO.”


Trump says he is open to a new Iran deal, while verifying a return to sanctions. “I remain open to reaching a more comprehensive offer that attends to the complete range of the regime’s malign activities, including its ballistic rocket program and its assistance for terrorism,” he states in a statement.

“We are asking global Britain to use its significant diplomatic power and influence and join us as we lead a concerted global effort towards a genuinely extensive arrangement.”

Johnson stated the Tehran regime had used the flow of loan can be found in to the country because the easing of sanctions not to enhance the lives of ordinary Iranians but to intensify costs on the military and networks of proxy forces and terrorists.He implicated Iran

of introducing cyber attacks against western democracies, sponsoring Hezbollah terrorists in Lebanon, arming militants in Yemen and publicly threatening to destroy Israel.

“It is clear that the danger from Iran did not diminish in the wake of the deal,” he stated. “It grew. Far from becoming a more accountable member of the global neighborhood, as we had all hoped, Iran grew bolder.”

He called for unity among western nations to require Tehran into a change naturally.

“Just by providing a joined front can we apply the optimum possible pressure on the Iranian regime, and get it to lastly alter course and put an end to its malign and careless activities both in the house and abroad,” said the ambassador.

“If the program does make tangible and sustained modifications to behave like a typical nation, America is prepared to resume complete commercial and diplomatic relations. Iran will be free to develop advanced innovations and play a full function in the international economy.

“Until then, America is turning up the pressure and we desire the UK by our side.”