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April 27, 2020
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The Sunshine Vitamin: Vitamin D And Pregnancy

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Before the advent of prenatal vitamins, pregnant women had to take special care to ensure that their babies were getting all of the nutrients they needed to grow properly through diet and the use of herbs. Of course nothing can take the place of proper nutrition and healthy living habits, even today. But thanks to supplements, a woman can be sure that she is doing all she can without worrying as much as her forebears.

Vitamin D helps to prevent babies from developing rickets (malformation of bones) and seizures, and so it is a vital part of a fetus's healthy growth. Its presence in the system also helps a baby's body (and ours) build strong bones.

It is called the "sunshine vitamin" because it is produced when ultraviolet light in sunlight reacts with the skin. Other ways to get Vitamin D are by consuming certain types of fish, especially oily varieties. It has also been added to many food products sold in supermarkets, most notably breakfast cereals and milk.

What many people may not know is that, if a woman is pregnant during the winter months, she will not get the amount of ultraviolet B light through her skin that she needs due to weakened sunlight. There is a certain amount of D that is stored in the body from summer sunshine exposure, but it is not nearly enough to compensate for the winter depletion. Pregnant women must be extra vigilant in eating foods high in Vitamin D and taking supplements to make sure she is getting enough for both her and her baby.

Following a baby's birth, he continues to rely on his mother for his Vitamin D, which he gets through breast milk or formula. Women must be sure to keep getting plenty of sunshine and keep following all those great habits she developed during her pregnancy if she is breast feeding.

Although getting enough sun is important, it's also essential for a pregnant woman to be careful when exposing her skin in the summertime. Most experts agree that 15 minutes a day is sufficient, and only the arms, head, and shoulders need be exposed. Sunburn is, of course, to be avoided.

All pregnant women want to have the healthiest baby possible. Getting enough Vitamin D is essential to a fetus's healthy development in the womb and beyond. An expectant woman would be smart to do her homework, consult her healthcare professional, then take the proper steps to ensure that she is doing all she can to get her daily allowance of beneficial vitamins.


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