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June 18, 2020
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Tibet Singing Bowl

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Tibet singing bowls are auspicious accents for meditation and prayer. When chanting, the bowl is struck to emphasize certain phrases. Tibetan bowls may also be utilized to induce a trance state, while performing rituals. On a personal level, they have long been advocated to promote healing and relaxation.

Since ancient times, the Tibet singing bowl has been an integral part of Buddhist spirituality. Now the bowl is revered throughout the world, especially during meditative, therapeutic and yoga practices.

To understand how Tibetan bowls emit healing energy, one should first be aware everything is composed of energy. Energy vibrates at different levels or frequencies. The vibration of sound energy from the healing bowl determines which particular part of our body, mind or spirit is affected on a deep, cellular level.

For example, when working to raise consciousness, certain tonal frequencies are so resonant, so true, they can show us a glimpse of who we are and why we are here. Difference resonances excite the brain to deal with stress, face life's challenges and tap into creativity.

Meditation is accented by taking advantage of Tibet singing bowls centering ability. One listens with a deeper ear to the sounds and spaces between the sounds without having to focus and refocus the mind. Certain sounds shift the consciousness into a total quietness, followed by a supreme peaceful state, where one achieves total clarity.

The Tibetan bowls are pleasant to listen to and give the mind something to hold when working with spiritual practices or holistic healing modalities. When the primordial sound of "AUM" is produced, it is said one may know God. AUM is symbolic of divineness and one of the names attributed to God.

With practice, patience and perseverance, it is possible to learn how to play the Tibet singing bowl. First, get comfortable with it by placing the bowl in the palm of the hand, with fingers flat. Experiment with different positions such as, holding near stomach or heart height, or just sit down and put it in the lap. When you and your singing bowl feel calm and relaxed, explore various sounds by striking it.

Take the padded mallet and strike anywhere along the bowl rim. Ensure that you do not strike the bowl anywhere except the rim, otherwise it will produce a convoluted tone, which is not at all pleasing to the ear. Stay with this striking part of the practice until you feel ready to proceed.

Try striking the singing bowl harder. If you get a harsh sound, back-off with the force of your strike.
Now, undertake "singing the bowl". For this process, you will need an unpadded mallet. Rub the mallet on the bowl's rim at a slow, steady pace. Keep practicing until the tone emitted from the Tibet singing bowl is strong. Apply less pressure if the tone sounds percussive. Change your grip and angle of the mallet until you locate the style and sound, which resonates with your energy.
When proficient with singing and striking the beautiful bowl, it may become an excellent vehicle for balancing chakras, or seven energy vortexes in the human body.

Tibetan bowls serve as an interesting focal point in any room of the home. As guests will naturally be curious, the Tibet singing bowl is like an aperitif for inspired conversation.


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