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August 11, 2020
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Ultimate Wall Sticker Decor

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Ready to breathe life into those plain old walls? Below you'll find the ultimate guide to successful decoration with wall stickers, vinyl decals, and wall murals - transforming any living space into a unique work of your own creation!

Wall sticker decor is the hottest new trend in decorating everything from living rooms to children's bedrooms, with an enormous variety of shapes, sizes, and colors now available. Choosing which type of wall sticker or decal to use on which wall of your home might be harder than you think. Luckily, most wall sticker decor can be broken down and separated into the following categories:

Vinyl Decals - Vinyl Wall Decals are popular because they are both removable and repositionable. Since there is no glue involved, vinyl stickers will not leave marks on your walls. This type of wall sticker decor comes in small individual sticker sizes and larger murals that must be pieced together almost like a puzzle. Places like the Wall Sticker Outlet carry hundreds of types of vinyl wall decals in every theme and color of the rainbow.

Wall Appliques - Peel and Stick wall appliques usually come as several pieces on larger sheets. They're designed to stick to any smooth, dry surface, and therefore can be used on home furnishings, accessories, cabinets - the possibilities are endless. Appliques are smaller in size, safe, and completely removable/repositionable. Even better, the surface of wall appliques can be washed with a sponge and some mild detergent, making them the most flexible type of wall sticker decor there is.

Wall Murals - These type of wall stickers are designed to form a scene or theme, and go especially well in kids bedrooms. Bright and beautiful arrangements can be created with a minimum of effort, and you can easily create custom murals of your own simply by purchasing individual wall cutouts. Wall murals are usually pre-pasted and go on with a damp sponge or paper towel and a little bit of water. The dramatic effect the right wall mural can have on a room is tremendous.

Wall Transfers - Rub-on wall transfer stickers are easy to use - simply peel back the protective coating and apply them to your walls using the included applicator stick. While they cannot be moved or repositioned, transfers can often convey the look and texture of expensive hand-painted artwork done by professional artists. They are printed on high-resolution paper, so detailed that you can actually see the brushstrokes of the original artisan's design.

Paper Cutouts - Cutout wall stickers and decals are great little additions to lamps, tables, picture frames, vases... stick them anywhere you want them to go. These die-cut pieces are usually pre-pasted and smooth on with a little bit of water. Paper cutouts come in unlimited colors and styles, making them a versatile type of wall sticker decor used to accent larger wall murals or stand as individual pieces.

Dry-Erase and Chalkboard Surfaces - Great for home, office, or student dorm rooms, chalkboard and dry-erase wall stickers can be applied to any smooth surface. A fantastic idea for shopping lists or notes to family members, the surface of these wall decals can be written on with chalk or a dry erase marker, and then later wiped clean with a soft cloth. Many chalkboard and dry-erase types of wall sticker decor are both removable and repositionable, making them a perfect temporary solution or permanent fixture - whichever you require.

So remember - there's no more excuse for plain old boring walls! Wall sticker decor has evolved to new heights of convenience and creativity. Whether you're creating your own unique life-sized wall mural or applying a high quality pre-printed transfer, choose the decal that's right for you. Be brave, be bold, and above everything else, have fun!


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