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September 26, 2020
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Buck Wheat Pillows for Stress Relief and More

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You may have heard of buck wheat hulls, but do you know all of the potential benefits that you could gain from them? All the talk about them is not just a bunch of hype countries in Asia have been using them for stuffing for years, along with others such as millet hulls. Although for centuries they have been used all across Asia, the United States and Europe have just recently caught on to the health benefits that can be gained from their use.

There are different names that the buckwheat kernels have been known as such as sobagara husks or sobakawa hulls. They are not only used in massage, therapy, and relaxation settings but also in regular homes across the world. As more people realize that the benefits go far beyond just a comfortable sleep, they become more and more popular. In fact there are many medical professionals who use this type of filling to treat chronic back, neck, shoulder, and hip pain as well as muscle tension, headaches, and many other medical and physical conditions as well.

These gems are flexible, durable, clean, and comfortable, which make up just some of the reasons for their extreme popularity. The buck wheat hulls conform to the contours of the persons neck, aligning the shoulders and spine correctly, giving the body support in areas that need it and leaving out support where the body needs more room to move. These little husks have great temperature regulating properties, which means that they keep the sleeper cool in the warmer summers and warm during the cold winters. Moisture is kept away from the skin as well. The pillows that are used with these husks are also environmentally friendly because they are organic, not being filled with any processed or chemically treated solutions. No petroleum based products are used in the manufacturing process. They are great for traveling too, when the neck is often forced into unnatural positions for long periods of time.

Those who suffer from allergies to dust, dander, or dust mites will absolutely delight in these buck wheat pillows. They are 99% dust free, and they also do not attract dust mites since there is no dust. You get to sleep on a bug free pillow! People find that their buck wheat pillows also last them for at least 5 to 6 years without ever losing their supportive properties, and they only need to be laid out in the sun for a couple of hours every few months to be freshened up, too.


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