Architecture is a sexual practice at the Cruising Structure in Venice

Installation view at the Cruising Pavilion (Louis De Belle). Setup view at the Cruising Pavilion (Louis De Belle). Setup view at the Cruising Pavilion (Louis De Belle). Lili Reynaud Dewar My Epidemic (a series of scarves printed with texts on prophylaxis, sex, love and vulnerability), 2015 Print on silk 90x90cm (Thanks to the artist and…


Popular Chinese Lesbian Dating Site Removed From Internet

The app, Rela, established in 2012, has around 5 million registered users, a cached variation of its entry on Apple’s iTunes site shows. Users started noticing last week that the app, along with its Twitter-like Weibo account and site, was no longer available, according to users posting on Weibo under the hashtags #rela and #relahasbeenblocked….


Gymder is a weird app that’ll help you find a ‘workout buddy’

Let’s get one thing directly: individuals do not wish to be troubled, not to mention struck on, at the health club. It’s sweaty, it’s foul-smelling, and no one has their makeup or hair done. The health club is a place to just place on earphones, focus on improving yourself, and tune the rest of the…


Schoolkids ‘tricking into sending nude selfies to paedophiles on Mylol teen dating app’

SCHOOLCHILDREN are being deceived into sending naked selfies to paedophiles on a teen dating app called Mylol, it’s been claimed.British cops say they are examining reports kids are being groomed and convinced to send out unsuitable images of themselves through the site, based in America. Parents have actually raised concerns their kids are being’targeted’on the…


VCs swipe left on dating apps

The love between endeavor capitalists and dating start-ups appears to have actually hit a rocky patch.VC financial investment in the space decreased over the previous year, with smaller average rounds and fewer funded business, inning accordance with Crunchbase company profile data. In specific, U.S.-based startups saw meager funding, with less than $7 million purchased early-stage…


Does digital dating put women at an evolutionary disadvantage?

When you consider the cost of going out, fulfilling potential sex or relationship partners at bars or other gatherings, buying beverages or eats, and closing the offer, it’s no surprise a man would want to improve the dating, mating and relating process to maximize his ROI. The explosion of the digital dating app market has…